Ventura County Comets Policy for Aircraft Using Lithium Polymer Batteries


This page contains important information for anyone wishing to operate a radio controlled aircraft using lithium polymer batteries at the Comets' field.  In addition to the policy statement below, you will find links to access the various forms and documents needed to comply with the policy.  These are provided in PDF format and may be opened or downloaded and / or printed out as needed.


Pilot Certification for Aircraft Using Li-Po Batteries


The VC Comets flying site at Lake Casitas offers beautiful views, an excellent flying field and outstanding year around weather.  However, one major drawback to the excellent weather is long periods without rainfall that result in very dry conditions and high fire hazard.  Many RC aircraft make use of Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries for powering both engines and/or receiver packs.  With the advent of Li-Po battery technology the potential for fire, either from poor charging and/or handling practices, or as the result of a flying crash is greater now than in the past.  In the recent past a number of flying sites in the southwest have had incidents of fire directly tied to the use of Li-Po batteries.


The VC Comets have adopted a strict policy that addresses safe practices that minimize the potential of fire associated with Li-Po technology.  This policy is implemented through a compliance procedure that each pilot using Li-Po batteries must complete.  Names of pilots having completed the compliance procedure are listed on a roster posted in the Impound Board at the flying site.  Pilots attempting to fly RC aircraft using Li-Po batteries that have not completed the compliance procedure will be asked to land and secure their aircraft immediately.


This compliance procedure requires the completion of the Ventura County Comets AMA Chapter 173 Li-Po Power Compliance Safety Form (see link below).  Please download and print the form.  After completing the form, arrange for a meeting with the Club Field Marshal/Safety Officer.  The Club Field Marshal/Safety Officer will review and discuss your completion of the form, signed it and forward it to the Club Treasurer where it will be retained on file.  The name of the pilot will be listed on the roster posted in the Impound Board.  This policy is in effect beginning on 1 February 2013.



Ventura County Comets AMA Chapter 173 Li-Po Power Compliance Safety Form


Charging Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Cells


Li-Po Battery RC Aircraft Safety Check List


Pilot Certification for Aircraft Using Li-Po Batteries  (This Policy Statement)